Slip and Fall Injury Claim Timeline

If you are seeking compensation after an injury in Wisconsin, you may have questions about a slip and fall injury claim timeline.


How long will it take to resolve my slip and fall claim?


I was talking to one of our clients that we signed in a trip and fall/slip and fall a couple weeks ago. He called me and asked me the question that most clients ask – how long is this going to take? While we can’t give you a specific time, there are a number of things we can do to speed up the process. If you have a non-serious injury – let’s assume that we have a soft tissue case, and you’re going to be treating for about six month— at that point, it’s unlikely that your doctor is going to give you a permanency. As a result, I would think we could get that case to the insurance company in about nine months to a year.

If you have a serious injury – broken bones, head injury, etc. – and it looks like it’s going to be a permanency case, where you’re going to be permanently injured in that part of your body for the rest of your life, then we need to get the doctor involved. The doctor’s not going to give us that type of opinion for at least a year from the date of the accident or the crash. Even worse, if this is something that resulted in a surgery, then it’s going to be one year from the surgical date to the date he’s going to give you the permanency opinion. We know those parameters, and we can tell that to our clients.

What’s really going to determine how long it takes is what the insurance company says when we give them the claim. They can only say two things. Number one, they can say, “We agree with you; here’s your check,” and that’s the end of it, or they can say, as their want-to-do, “We’re not paying.” Because you know that you’ve hired a team of trial lawyers, that’s exactly what we do. We say, “Well, we think you’re wrong, and we think you’re going to regret this decision, but it’s time to go to war.” That’s what we do for you.

If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall accident, you may have questions about a slip and fall injury claim timeline takes to settle in Wisconsin.
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