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Have you been in a crash caused by a semi-truck?

Trucking and semi-truck crashes are among the most devastating motor vehicle crashes to occur on our roadways. Injuries are often catastrophic. Given the high speeds and significant weight, death can occur.  The trucking industry is regulated by strict safety and inspection programs in compliance with federal and state regulations.  Unfortunately, some companies look at these programs as unnecessary expenses.  Failure to provide enough rest for over-the-road drivers is an ongoing problem. Crashes commonly happen due to driver fatigue or lack of proper maintenance.

At Keberle & Laufenberg, LLP,  you are guaranteed to receive the following should we represent you or a family member:

  • Provide immediate attention to your case by an attorney experienced in truck crash cases.
  • The immediate use of investigative resources to gather all factual information, including the review of all State Patrol, County Sheriff, and Police motor vehicle reports and contacting of all witnesses.
  • Immediate crash reconstruction to determine and preserve the cause of the crash when appropriate.
  • Immediate identification of all insurers of vehicles involved in the crash and chain of events.
  • Unlimited consultation with all family members, subject to our obligations of the attorney/client privilege.
  • Immediate review of all emergency medical treatment and, in the event of wrongful death, the coroner’s report and autopsy.
  • Recognition of the sensitivity of your loss or injury and respect for the catastrophic impact upon all involved.

Keberle & Laufenberg, LLP brings immediate, all-inclusive investigative resources to bear in cases of this magnitude.  Attorney Keberle or Attorney Laufenberg will work closely with you and your loved ones from your first contact with our office until case resolution.

When you have suffered injuries from a semi-trailer crash, it is necessary that you contact an aggressive law firm you can trust and that can provide immediate attention and employment of resources to protect your rights.   Large companies have professionals employed to protect their rights.   Large trucking conglomerates immediately begin the process of minimizing their exposure when a driver causes a serious injury or death. Reducing exposure means you get less compensation.

You can choose an injury firm that needs clients “in bulk” to pay for celebrity advertising or overhead on statewide offices. You can choose to become another client in a volume law firm. Or, you can choose a highly respected, skilled team that offers only very experienced lawyers with the flexibility to do what is required RIGHT NOW, when you need it most.  At Keberle & Laufenberg, LLP,  you will immediately speak to a lawyer with over 20 years of experience.

Truck crashes can occur due to operator negligence or equipment failure.

Understanding Jackknifing:

In jackknife crashes, semi-trucks can begin to skid in an uncontrolled manner, typically horizontally across the road.   The trailer swings to form a 90-degree angle and “locks” in place.   When jackknifing occurs, both the semi and its trailer will continue absent operator control and can take out all vehicles in its path.

Operator negligence:

There are many regulations concerning licensing, logging, and reporting concerning operators.   The primary purpose is to prevent operator negligence and to put safe drivers behind the wheel.  Far too often semi operators will intentionally and inaccurately log hourly entries into the company’s logbook to justify faster delivery times.  Many drivers today are also taking artificial stimulants to enhance sleep-deprived operation.  Locating and preserving these artificial records can prove operator negligence.  Proving that the company had knowledge of specific conduct and condoned the conduct can allow for punitive damages.

Company DOT mechanical inspection and maintenance records.

For over-the-road rigs, maintenance involving tire pressure, tire locks, and axles are as commonplace as changing one’s oil in a passenger car.  A failed tire lock can result in a tire on the roadway or a trailer spinning out of control.   At Keberle & Laufenberg, LLP,  we once investigated a truck’s history, only to learn that the rig had been sitting unattended in a remote farm field 90 days prior to the crash. Many parts had been stripped or damaged. No effort was made by the operator or owner to ensure the rig was safe for the road before placing it back into service. Expert analysis revealed that the tire locks had been damaged and caused the accident.



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