Have You Been Struck By A Car as a Pedestrian?

Persons on foot, running, or riding a bike, a moped, or a skateboard, do not have the protection of a motor vehicle.  Too frequently, pedestrians are struck by automobiles at no fault of their own.  Unfortunately, pedestrians are not always seen by operators of automobiles.  When injuries occur, they are usually extensive and serious.  We are here to help you and to explain how Wisconsin law protects you and allows you to make a claim for all of your injuries and damages.

In Wisconsin, laws protecting pedestrians are substantial.  Please call us to discuss these laws and your options at no charge.   These accidents commonly occur due to the following:

  • Driver carelessness or negligence;
  • Texting or talking on a cell phone and being distracted;
  • Backing up and not seeing a pedestrian;
  • Operating a car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Cars coming out of side streets with poor visibility.

What Should You Do If You or A Loved One Were A Pedestrian And Been Injured?

If you or your loved one has been injured after being struck by a car, it’s important that you contact a personal injury law firm which has the resources to investigate the facts of the accident and reconstruct how it occurred as soon as possible.  That law firm must be capable of immediately protecting you and your rights.  Keberle & Laufenberg, LLP has these resources and will begin this process within 24 hours.

You will also learn from us that pedestrian rights include obtaining full and fair compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages, both now and in the future.   When unprotected pedestrians are struck, the injuries which follow can often take months or even years to heal.  If the driver of the vehicle was at fault, it is the legal right of the injured pedestrian to obtain compensation.  We will fight for your rights and gather the evidence to prove your case immediately.  Injury victims in pedestrian accidents should not rely on law enforcement accident investigation when serious pedestrian accidents occur.


Pedestrian Laws That May Apply To You.

  • Drivers must yield to pedestrians legally crossing in a crosswalk in a safe manner;
  • Cars facing a green signal may turn right but must yield to pedestrians in the adjacent crosswalk;
  • When a car is stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the road, a car that is behind the stopped car may not pass the stopped car.
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