Will My Slip and Fall Case Go to Trial?

Clients who have been injured in an accident often want to know, “Will my slip and fall case go to trial?” Watch this video to learn more.


Will my slip and fall case go to trial?


Will My Slip and Fall Case Go to Trial?The question is this: In a trip and fall/slip and fall case in Wisconsin, how do you know that you’re going to have to go to trial? The answer is you already know. The reason is, because you’re the one that, at the end of the day, makes the decision, but you may change your mind after we go through the process. You’re going to be deposed –someone is going to take your deposition. Before that, we’ll prep you. If it takes days to prep you, to get you comfortable, we’re going to do that; because when you sit down at that table and you look at that defense attorney, you’re going to be ready. Same thing with trial. We’re going to make you ready. You have to be comfortable, otherwise we don’t let them depose you that day.

If push comes to shove and you’ve got to make the decision, and we think you’ve not been fully and fairly compensated, we’ll probably tell you that. In fact, we’ll certainly tell you that. It’s your call. The reason is because it’s your case. If you have a case like that, give us a call. We can help.

If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall accident in Wisconsin, you may want to know if your injury case will go to trial.
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