Treating Dog Bite Injuries in Wisconsin

Treating dog bite injuries after an attack will help prevent infection. Learn about the medical do’s and don’ts by watching this video.


What type of medical treatment should I seek after a dog bite injury in Wisconsin?


The question is, after being bitten by a dog or having your child been bitten by a dog, what do you do? What do you not do? Number one, go to a doctor as soon as possible and tell the doctor the entire story, Treating Dog Bite Injuries particularly with regards to the breed of the dog. Get that information if you can. The doctor will likely test you for infections. What shouldn’t you do? If a doctor tells you to do something, you do it. You unequivocally have to do it because it can come back to hurt you down the road. If you embellish something, that’s even worse. You don’t ever embellish anything to a doctor. It doesn’t help them, and it doesn’t help your case down the road. If I find out that one of my clients told a boldface lie to a doctor, they are no longer my clients.

The primary things to do are to give the doctor all the information and do everything they say; you’ll be fine. If you have a case like this, give us a call. We can help.

If you have been attacked by a dog in Wisconsin, you may have questions about treating dog bite injuries in Wisconsin.
Contact Keberle, Patrykus & Laufenberg, LLP, today to consult with an experienced Washington County dog bite attorney.
We can help you recover the full and fair compensation you deserve.

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