Selecting a Slip and Fall Attorney

If you are in the process of selecting a slip and fall attorney in Wisconsin, watch this video to learn what qualities you should be looking for.


How do I select the best attorney for my slip and fall injury claim?


Selecting a Slip and Fall AttorneyWhen you’re looking for a trip and fall/slip and fall lawyer, you’re looking for several things. First, you’re looking for experience. Second, you’re looking for trial experience. Third, you’re looking for a trial lawyer. When you come to us with one of these cases, the first thing we do is investigate and make sure that we’re ready for trial whenever it’s going to be trial time. We have to assume every one of these cases is going to go to trial.

Trip and fall cases, for a lot of lawyer, are off-limits. They don’t want to take them. Why is that? Because insurance companies undervalue these cases, they get bad offers on them and they dump the case. Here’s what we do. If they give us a bad offer, typically 50% of the value, we say no, and we try the case. Because we’ve investigated a case, we have the tools to win.

In the past several years, we’ve had some good results on these types of cases and they’re getting better. If you’re looking for a slip and fall/trip and fall lawyer, look for a trial lawyer, look for experience, and give us a call.

If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall accident, you may have questions about selecting a slip and fall attorney in Wisconsin.
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