Partial Fault Slip and Fall

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Can I recover slip and fall injury compensation if I was partially at fault?


In Wisconsin, in a trip and fall/slip and fall case, if you are partially responsible, do you still have a case? The answer is yes. Wisconsin is a contributory negligence state. For instance, if a jury would find that a store, let’s say, was 51% negligent, and you tripped over something as a result, you still get to claim the 49% of your damages. There’s an interesting side to this. It’s typically our practice, if we try a trip and fall/slip and fall case, to assume some contributory negligence because the jury is going to assume it anyway. We know that the defense will never assume any negligence on their part, so it’s kind of a win-win.

If you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall accident that was partially your fault, you may have questions about recovering compensation in Wisconsin.
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