Medical Treatment After a Car Accident

Seeking medical treatment after a car accident is extremely important. Failing to document your injuries will put your case in serious jeopardy.


Can I pursue a car accident claim if I didn’t seek medical attention?


The most common type of phone call that we get is from clients who have been involved in a car accident and cannot decide if they should go to the doctor. Going to a doctor is important — if you do not go to a doctor and medically document your injuries, an insurance company is not going to recognize your claim.

No matter how minor, if you are suffering from an injury you got in an accident, it is something that you have to document. There’s no doubt that most doctors that may see you in today’s medical world are going to say, “Look, take some ibuprofen. If this thing doesn’t get better in three to four weeks, we’ll place you in physical therapy.”

The number one right of an injured party is to get the best medical treatment possible. If you were a professional player on a football team, you’d likely have physical therapy at the end of the game. For the rest of us, we are often told, “Let’s see if it gets better.” If we speak to clients at that part in the process of filing an injury claim, we encourage them and tell them what their rights are, including how important it is to have medically documented what injuries and pain levels they’ve experienced. As soon as you can, get in to see a doctor. It can affect your case for years to come.

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, you may have questions about seeking medical treatment in Wisconsin.
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