Determining the Value of a Slip and Fall Claim

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How much is my slip and fall claim worth?


Determining the Value of a Slip and Fall ClaimIn Wisconsin, what is the value of a trip and fall/slip and fall case? As with all cases, it’s very difficult at the beginning to determine value because there are all kinds of factors involved. Typically, in these types of cases, if the injury is serious, as opposed to maybe a soft tissue injury where you strained your neck or something like that, it’s going to take a much longer time than other types of cases. Why? Because we have to get doctors involved, and we’ve got to get reports from them.

While it’s a difficult question to answer, at some point, as in all cases, we’re going to give you a range of value. We’re going to say we have enough information at this point to put it within a range. At some point, you are going to know the number because before I put a number nto a settlement demand to an insurance company, you are the one that has to give me the go ahead. I have to come to you and say, “Is this what you want me to ask for?” I’ll tell you why I think it’s a correct number, but, at the end of the day, you’re the client, so you get to choose the number if you like.

The bottom line is, when we have enough information, you’ll have that information. If you have a case like this, give us a call and we can help.

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