Determining the Value of a Car Accident Claim

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How much is my car accident claim worth?


Determining the Value of a Car Accident ClaimWhen any experienced lawyer is asked about the value of a case, that lawyer should tell you that, generally speaking, cases are based on the level of your injury, the amount of treatment that you received and what type of pain, suffering or medical treatment you’re going to need into the future. When we’re asked about the value of a case, it’s going to include:
• all of the medical treatment that you receive, from the date of the accident up until the date that we receive the final opinions of the doctors;
• any future medical treatment that the doctor believes you may need for the rest of your life;
• any time frames that you’re off of work, and;
• if you’re unable to return to the same type of gainful employment, the wages that you’re not earning up until the age of 65.

We also make a claim for your pain and suffering. Pain and suffering can be categorized into the same types of components: past pain and suffering up until the date the doctor may give you your permanency rating and future pain and suffering. We often look at mortality tables. If a person who is 25 years old has to live with neck pain or low back pain for the rest of their life, they’re looking at 50 to 60 years of having to suffer due to somebody’s negligence. Unfortunately, for a case involving someone who is 60 to 70 years old, their mortality dates are also looked at and the time frames may be shorter. In both cases, we value future pain and suffering as highly as we possibly can, and it’s based on your medical doctor’s opinions as well as the medical evidence that’s been generated up until that point in time.

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