Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Motorcycle Accident Injury in Wisconsin

In this video, our experienced Wisconsin attorney discusses the most common mistakes to avoid after a motorcycle accident injury in Wisconsin. Call our office today.


What mistakes should I avoid after a motorcycle accident?


Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Motorcycle Accident InjuryI had a call the other day from someone who had been involved in a motorcycle crash, and he asked me what mistakes can be made by a client following a motorcycle crash. That’s a question you may be asking as well. The first mistake that can be made is that you don’t seek immediate medical attention. It is very important to do if you’ve been injured. The second mistake that you can make is you don’t follow your doctor’s instructions. That’s also very important.

The third mistake that’s often made is speaking with the other driver’s insurance company and giving them a recorded statement. You’re under no requirement to do so after you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash. The fourth mistake is not seeking legal advice soon enough. Oftentimes, people wait too long, witnesses disappear, evidence goes missing, and the claim is a lot harder to pursue.

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If you have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Wisconsin, you may have questions about what mistakes to avoid when filing an injury claim.
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