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JUUL Vaping lung injuries LAWSUIT Lawyer Wisconsin and Milwaukee Area JUUL Litigation Attorney Imaging of Vaping-Associated Lung Disease (nejm.org)JUUL is a San Francisco company that controls more than three-quarters of the U.S. vaping market.  JUUL is a relatively new company offering products to U.S. consumers and marketed itself by claiming it wanted to help tobacco smokers quit smoking.  As JUUL began to dominate the vaping market, it has become apparent that JUUL created a new generation of smoking addicts in the young adult and teenage consumer populations through JUUL’s products containing high percentages of nicotine.  Nicotine, through a study performed by the UK’s Royal College of Psychiatrists, has been found to be nearly as addictive as cocaine and possibly more addictive than alcohol.   Studies have also shown nicotine can impair brain and lung development in adolescence and can also interact with cancer cells which can make cancers worse.  Nicotine also stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems, which can lead to heart disease.

The FDA has said the rate of use of vaping products among U.S. youth has become a national epidemic.

Attorney(s) Who Will Help You Learn Your Rights and Obtain Compensation If You or A Family Member Believe You Have Suffered A Serious Medical Condition Due To Using a JUUL Product.

If you or a family member have used a JUUL product and have suffered a serious medical condition, you may have grounds for making a claim against JUUL.  Your rights include making a claim for medical bills as a result of needing medical treatment and for other damages such as past and future pain and suffering.     The law firm, Keberle & Laufenberg, LLP, is a Wisconsin personal injury law firm that will help you understand your rights and help you fight the company responsible for your injury.

Keberle & Laufenberg, LLP is working with a leading national mass tort law firm to help Wisconsin residents receive expert legal representation.   Our clients will pay the exact same contingency fee as you would if you hired a national firm from New York, Texas, or California.  You will also pay no legal fee if no recovery is obtained in your case.

If you are a Wisconsin resident and believe a serious medical condition has been caused to you or someone you love as a result of using a JUUL product, a lawyer at Keberle & Laufenberg, LLP is available to speak to you free of any charge and will answer your questions.

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