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Truck crashes are among the most devastating crashes to occur on our roadways. Injuries are often catastrophic, and can have life-long consequences, or even lead to death. Although the trucking industry is regulated by strict state and federal safety rules and inspection programs, some companies unfortunately look upon these programs as an unnecessary expense, and cut corners to save money. And, while most truck drivers follow the law and safety rules, some behave negligently by breaking speed limits, or by driving longer than allowed, to meet tight or unrealistic deadlines imposed upon them by the trucking company. In fact, failure to provide enough rest for truck drivers, which leads to driver fatigue, is a common cause of truck crashes.

When you have suffered injuries from a truck crash, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible, so that evidence can be gathered and preserved, and your rights protected. Trucking companies often employ professionals to immediately begin the process of minimizing their exposure when a driver causes a serious injury or death. You need an aggressive, experienced attorney fighting on your side, too. In one case, we investigated a truck’s history, only to learn that it had been sitting unattended in a remote farm field 90 days prior to the crash. Many parts had been stripped or damaged. No effort was made by the operator or owner to ensure the truck was safe for the road before placing it back into service. Expert analysis revealed that the tire locks had been damaged and caused the crash.

At Keberle, Patrykus & Laufenberg, LLP, we represent truck crash victims in the West Bend, Hartford, Slinger and Jackson areas and around the State of Wisconsin. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck crash, we are right here in Washington County, and ready to speak with you. Call us at 262-334-1944

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